Flag of Bretherland Shield of Bretherland
Name Bretherland
Full Name United Kingdom of Bretherland
Capital Astport
Official Language(s) English, Brethish
Population ...,...
Demonym Brethish
King King Henry II
Prime Minister Joseph Honest
Legislature Parliament
Upper House House of Peers
Lower House House of Members
More Information
Motto "Fortitudine et Prudentia"
With Fortitude and Prudence
National Anthem None Official
Currency Brethish Pund
Time Zone UTC-4
Internet TLD .ub
ISO 3166-1 BRE
Calling Code +1 510
Map of Bretherland

Bretherland, officially known as the United Kingdom of Bretherland (Brethish: Unytej Kyngdom of Brethyrlond) is an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean. Bretherland compromises of 28 islands, divided into 7 Regions and 58 Shires.

The islands were first inhabited by modern humans in 700 AD, however it takes its name from the brothers that colonised the islands over the 1600s and 1700s but only became a unified state in 1788. The Bretherlands have many Brethised many aspects of English culture such as Brethish, the Church of Bretherland and Brethish Law. However they have also been influenced by the United States of America, having a written Constitution and militia rights. The current Parliament currently operates a minority government under Joseph Honest.

The Brethish Islands have a varied geography however they are mainly low hills and plains except for in the north eastern regions where there is a large amount of upland. Astport, the capital of Bretherland is the largest metropolitan area in the country. The population is currently 621,300, mainly focused across the south western regions where industry is greater. Culturally the country is also divided north east and south west, with many people in the south west relating to Brethish culture after their own regional cultures, however in the north east a substantial minority refuse to relate to Brethish culture and some Carfirthans even support independence.

The colony established in 1642 by English aristocrats, originally called Brettanland, and became independent from Britain in 1653. Brettanland competed with a Spanish colony called Grandes Llanos up until the Brettan-Llanos War in 1683 after which the Spanish lands were incorporated into Brettanland. Afterwards ports were set up on the other major islands until 1711 where the Brettanland civil War occurred. After the civil war, in 1717, the country underwent a change of monarch and was renamed by the 1st Parliament of Bretherland as Bretherland. Finally in 1788, the Unity Act 1788 was signed with the native leaders of the other islands and they became the current United Kingdom of Bretherland.













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