The Brethish Pund (symbol: G, ISO code: BRP) is the official currency of Bretherland and pegged to the British Pound. Originally a minor denomination in the old currency system, the Pund was adopted as the base of the new currency system to bring the currency more in line with Britain. Due to the way its divisions are named and how each division is treated by locals, foreigners who may not realise it is decimalised can easily be confused. It is subdivided into 4 Brethish Crovnes, each Brethish Crovn can be divided into 5 Brethish Scyllynges and each Brethish Scyllyng can be further divided into five Brethish Pennyges. The Brethish Pund suceeded the Brethish Guynea as the currency in 1972, shortly after the British decimal day where the old currency was decimalized.