The Land of Furdfoorthshire
The Lan of Furdfoorthscyr
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Name Furdfoorthshire
Postcode FU
Population 8,300
Language(s) Brethish
Subdivisions 1 Parish
Location Kitthelond
Members of Parliament 1
Local Authority Furdfoorthshire Shire Council
Anthem None

Furdfoorthshire, officially the Land of Furdfoorthshire (Brethish: Lan of Furdfoorthscyr), is a historically important region of Kitthelond, it has been a key territory throughout the conflicts that have taken place in the Bretherlands and remains strategically important today. It resides within the centre eastern part of the Kitthelond region and borders Dellshire and [[]] to the north, the Greater Shire of Astport to the east Astportshire and Gatefieldshire to the south and [[]] to the west. The main settlement of Furdfoorthshire is Furdfoorth and has a population of 3,700, the rural population numbers 4,600 and is spread around the shire in small hamlets.

The economy of Furdfoorthshire is primarily agricultural, based on cattle, dairy cattle, beverage crops and fruits. The cattle is in much demand as it is known for it's quality as beef. There is also a strong brewing industry in the area which uses the crops and fruits produced locally. Furdfoorthshire historically has always supplied a greater proportion of recruits for the Brethish army compared to other shires, due to this there is a separate Furdfoorthshire Company which draws recruits only from the shire, and due to this relation to the shire their company insignia is a bull and their nickname is 'The Bulls'.





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