Regions of Bretherland
Regions are in Bretherland the highest tier of sub division used by the central government. The seven regions are named: Kitthelond, Waelhburgh, Sclaveholm, Chippingden, North Carfirth, South Carfirth and Great Lakes. The sub division below region is the Shire.


Regions contribute seats to the national parliament when during a shire election constituents of shires within a region vote for regional party lists. Each region has a certain amount of members delegated to it which is equal to the amount of constituency members the shires in total can elect. When the election occurs these seats are distributed amongst the lists proportionally via the Sainte-Laguë method however seats are only distributed to parties that achieved more than 10% of the total vote in that region.

Regions also have regional elections to each of the regional assemblies. Regional assemblies help manage the affairs of the region except in the greater shires, where City Councils inheret their responsibilities or where Town Councils share their responsibilities. The elections to these assemblies are done in a manner similar to the regional side of shire elections to the national parliament. Every assembly has 25 seats, and these are distributed amongst the shires of the region (once again not including the greater shires) with each shire having at least one seat. Constituents of the region vote for party lists for their shires similar to what they do in the national parliament but the seats of these lists are proportionally distributed via the D'Hondt method unlike the shire elections.

List of RegionsEdit