Shires of Bretherland
Shires are just below regions the level of subdivision. There are 58 shires within Bretherland, the region with the most shires being Kitthelond and the region with the least shires being North Carfirth. The subdivision below shire is the parish. Shires may be created and destroyed with approval of the central government.


During the Shire elections, the shires act as the base unit for the election of half of the members of parliament for the central government. When constituents vote, they vote for both a member to represent their constituency (commonly called shire members, who act as the national representatives as well as managing the affairs and interests of their shire) and for a party list from which members of parliament will be elected on a regional basis (commonly called national members, who act purely as national representatives). The amount of members of parliament a shire can elect varies depending on the population of the shire however each shire can elect at least one member of parliament. The current number of members of parliament that can be elected from constituencies numbers 84.

List of shiresEdit