The Region of South Carfirth
The Regyun of Suth Kerfyrth
[[|120px]] [[|120px]]
Name South Carfirth
Postcode None (Region)
Population  ???
Language(s) Carfirthan Brethish
Subdivisions 7 Shires
Location Carfirth Island, Drumdumea Island and Penpont Island
Anthem None
South Carfirth Region Map

South Carfirth (Brethish: Suth Kerfyrth) is a region of Bretherland. Its capital is ??? which, like the other regional capitals of Carfirth Island, is relatively small compared to other region capitals. South Carfirth was created after the multiple cultural groups on Carfirth were allowed to have separate regions. Out of these regions South Carfirth is known for its resistance to assimilation into Brethish culture.

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